The association “Psihozona” officially exists since December 2021. Before that, it existed as an idea in our agreements, fantasies and plans which finally blossomed into a Center for psychological counseling, education, research and personal development. A member of our PsychoZone can be any individual who accepts the stated goals and tasks of the Association and wants to contribute to their realization. If you are interested in some of the activities that we perform, you can contact us by any of the ways listed in the Contact section. We look forward to answering all the questions and hope that our PsychoZone community will grow. Together we are stronger :)

Why have we teamed up?

The main goals of the association are:

  • ✓Improving and preserving the mental health of individuals and groups.

  • ✓Raising awareness of the importance of mental health care through learning and personality development.

  • ✓Providing psychological support to the personal and professional development of the individual.

  • ✓Education and research in the field of psychology.

  • ✓Promotion of human rights and aid, humanitarian work and practice in various social spheres.

In order to achieve these goals, the Center is committed to achieving the following tasks(alone or in collaboration with others):

  1. ✓Organization of experiential-educational psychological workshops.

  2. ✓Psychological counseling for individuals, couples and families.

  3. ✓Support for professional orientation of primary and secondary school students.

  4. ✓Organization of local growth and development groups and support groups in the local community.

  5. ✓Cooperation with work organizations.

  6. ✓Cooperation with local humanitarian organizations.

  7. ✓Participation in projects.

  8. ✓Organization of educational programs.

  9. ✓Work on publishing various publications.

  10. ✓Professional networking and training.

  11. ✓Managing the website, as well as the profile of the Center on social networks, in order to promote the work of the Center.